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Hacked Binance Crypto Exchange Soon to Resume Deposit and Withdrawal Services; Date Announced

Binance, the popular cryptocurrency exchange noticed one of the biggest hacks of the history and the exchange. The hackers stole around $7,000 BTC. Changpeng Zhao-the Binance CEO revealed this news on May 7th, 2019. The important point of this hack was, CZ was quick and transparent enough to inform the community through Twitter and also held session over the social…

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Grin Cryptocurrency Receives a Strange Donation of $3 Lakh Bitcoin

Grin Coin is a cryptocurrency project which is focused mainly on the fungibility, privacy and scalability by developing a Mimblewimble protocol blockchain which is launched in January. It is privacy aimed digital asset. It receives 3 lakh dollar Bitcoin as a strange donation. Grin cryptocurrency developers have received a strange new donation of 50 Bitcoins which is known as BTC.…

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