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Baidu Launches Beta Version of Xuperchain

Baidu Launches Beta Version of Xuperchain, First Chinese Blockchain Business Service

Chinese search engine Baidu has launched the public beta version of its blockchain called Xuperchain. The Xuperchain will allow businesses to create decentralized apps (DApps). Smart contracts can be written on the blockchain that will allow businesses to market their DApps and earn revenue. Businesses can tailor their DApps as per their requirements using tools provided by Xuperchain. Thus, individual…

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Foreboding of Bitcoin

Foreboding of Bitcoin: It’s Not What You Have Already Assumed

Cryptocurrency is a term that is commonly heard everyday though not many know about its evolution, and even few understand its applications. One of the important cryptocurrencies is Bitcoin, which was first developed by a software expert with the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto, who built the electronic payments system and grounded it in a mathematical proof. The most distinguishable feature of…

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Cryptohopper: Writing Its Own Success Story in the Field of Automated Trading

The evolving nature of the cryptocurrency world and blockchain technology is disrupting the global economic scenario in a big way. It is not only the different industries across the markets where the changes are happening, but the cryptocurrency segment itself is going through a lot of turbulence. Take, for instance, the scenario of cryptocurrency exchanges where automated trading practices are…

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Blockchain-Based Mobile Voting for Disabled Voters

Utah County to Offer Blockchain-Based Mobile Voting for Disabled Voters

There is good news for the disabled voters in Utah County. Utah County plans to allow the disabled voters to use a blockchain-based mobile application to cast their votes in the November municipal elections. Utah County ranks third in the list, in partnering with Tusk Philanthropies, a non-profit organization that focusses on expanding the mobile voting nationality. The county chose…

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