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Sandbox Announces Its Partnership With Crypto Sword & Magic Game

Sandbox Collaborates With Crypto Sword & Magic to Offer Exclusive Gaming Experience

Sandbox, the leading computer security mechanism program used to mitigate the spread of software vulnerabilities, has announced its partnership with Crypto Sword & Magic, which is the first South Korean crypto-based game on the EOS platform and the brainchild of NOD games. The partnership is aimed at revolutionizing the blockchain industry, by improvising engaging content in the game that will…

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Baidu Launches Beta Version of Xuperchain

Baidu Launches Beta Version of Xuperchain, First Chinese Blockchain Business Service

Chinese search engine Baidu has launched the public beta version of its blockchain called Xuperchain. The Xuperchain will allow businesses to create decentralized apps (DApps). Smart contracts can be written on the blockchain that will allow businesses to market their DApps and earn revenue. Businesses can tailor their DApps as per their requirements using tools provided by Xuperchain. Thus, individual…

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