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US Congressman Likely to Introduce Bill for Regulation of Cryptocurrencies, ICOs

Warren Davidson, Republican Congressman, and a Bitcoin fan is planning to introduce federal legislation which will be responsible for the regulation of the initial coin offerings (ICOs) and cryptocurrencies. As per Cleveland report, the bill will create an “asset class” for tokens, which ultimately will prevent them from “being classified as securities, but would also allow the federal government to…

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Robbers Critically Injure Crypto Trader in Attempt to Loot Him of his Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency related crimes are on the rise around the world. In a rather horrific incident, a crypto trader in South Africa found himself in a very unfortunate situation. A group of crypto criminals drugged, tortured and robbed the man of approximately $60,000 worth of Bitcoin as reported by the local news Soweto Urban. The trader had met some people on…

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Quoine CEO Mike Kayamuri Says, Bitcoin will Bounce Back with an All-Time High by End of 2019

Bitcoin investors witnessed a massive slump in Bitcoin value this November in what is now referred to as ‘The great crypto crash of 2018.’ It was so bad that there were even speculations about the future of the cryptocurrencies, in general. However, the CEO of Quoine, Mike Kayamuri, begs to differ. In an interview with Bloomberg, Kayamuri estimates that Bitcoin…

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