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DragonEx, the Singapore-Based Cryptocurrency Exchange Hacked

Singapore-based exchange DragonEx declared on Sunday (March 24) that it had been agonized with a cyber attack which reportedly ‘stole and transferred’ funds preserved by the platform and its users. The valuation of the losses has not been disclosed yet. The platform was taken offline by DragonEx when the breach was initially discovered on Sunday, stating that it was for…

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Despite 82 Blockchain Patents, Tech & Operations Chief at Bank of America is Not Quite Sure About Blockchain Technology

The Tech and Operations Chief of Bank of America- Cathy Bessant is not all confident about blockchain technology. Although the bank holds more patents (82 blockchain patents) than other financial giants such as PayPal, and Mastercard, still it is not enough for her to be fully out there for the blockchain technology, CNBC reports. The bank has gathered several technology…

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