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Amazon Officially Enters into the Blockchain World

E-commerce is quickly getting into the storefront for retailers internationally. Amazon, the most excellent e-commerce company, recently stated that the over-all obtainability of Amazon Achieved Blockchain, a (BaaS) Blockchain Service policy which lets the customers make their blockchain system, enhance nodes, smart contracts and organize decentralized app. Initially, this system was just accessible to a smaller group of individuals, and…

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Despite 82 Blockchain Patents, Tech & Operations Chief at Bank of America is Not Quite Sure About Blockchain Technology

The Tech and Operations Chief of Bank of America- Cathy Bessant is not all confident about blockchain technology. Although the bank holds more patents (82 blockchain patents) than other financial giants such as PayPal, and Mastercard, still it is not enough for her to be fully out there for the blockchain technology, CNBC reports. The bank has gathered several technology…

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Glassdoor, Indeed and Beam

Glassdoor, Indeed and Beam join hands

Beam, a company, has launched its own privacy coins which are based on Mimblewimble. Along with many other aims that this cryptocurrency has planned one of the main aims is to make digital currency transactions highly confidential. This cryptocurrency was launched on the Bitcoin’s 10th Jubilee. The Mimblewimble protocol was implemented for the very first time by the Beams’ Private…

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Deloitte reveals 95% companies are investing in Blockchain Technology

A recent survey conducted by Deloitte, a multinational research agency firm, revealed that over 95% of the surveyed organizations are interested in blockchain and investing to adopt this distributed ledger technology. The survey report titled, “Breaking Blockchain Open,” administered the survey on over 1000 executives from the various industries and firms who have shown their interest in blockchain technology. The…

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Tech Giants

Tech Giants Collaborate to Launch a Blockchain to Ensure Ethical Sourcing of Cobalt

Since the drive towards electric cars had surged and countries world around pledging to concentrate on going full electric to reduce carbon footprints, a particular demand has increased for a rare element which happens to be very rare. The need for a mineral used in the lithium-ion battery, Cobalt, has increased many folds over the recent years, reports suggest. And…

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