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Italian Government

Italian Government Reveals the List of “Elite Experts” for the Blockchain Strategy Development

The Italian government recently revealed a list of 30 blockchain specialists and experts. The government aims to advance the integration of blockchain technology at the state level and further its usability. These high-level specialists were chosen after a four-month acquisition and consultation process. This group of experts will work as advising authorities for the development and design of a “national…

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Bank of America

Bank of America Discloses Innovative Blockchain Copyright Aiming Currency Management

Bank of America (BoA) is looking forward to copyright a structure by means of blockchain technology in order to progress currency management, as per the latest news available on Dec. 25th. Presented in the month of June 2017, the copyright mentions “banking structures functioned by information bearing evidence.” “Features of the news speak about organizing, constructing, and making the most…

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Switzerland a Haven for Blockchain

Switzerland has expressed growing interest in blockchain by developing laws for new technology. In its latest report, the Swiss State Secretariat has highlighted predictions for “blockchain’s noteworthy and promising developments for innovation and enhanced security.” Earlier this year, a blockchain working group was set up to compile a report based on the analysis of the blockchain. The report has now…

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Atari Announces Blockchain

Atari Announces Blockchain versions of Mobile Games RollerCoaster Tycoon Touch and Goon Squad

The global interactive entertainment and video game company Atari announced in a press release that it has entered into a license agreement with Animoca Brands Limited granting them the rights to produce and publish blockchain versions of popular Atari mobile games RollerCoaster Tycoon Touch and Goon Squad. The agreement is valid globally excluding China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau. Animoca…

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PayPal’s first step into Blockchain, though currently for employees only

The giant in the payment platform- PayPal has been maintaining an aloof stance from entering into Blockchain landscape since quite a while. But finally, PayPal too ventured into the crypto world. It has released an internal employee incentive program which is based on Blockchain technology. This program was created in PayPal’s innovation lab in San Jose, California. This six month…

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Facebook Seeks human resource-min

Facebook Seeks Human Resource Expertise in Blockchain for Five New Roles

Facebook’s important goal is to enable individuals to assemble a network of people and unite the world. Through the Facebook group of applications and administrations, Facebook is constructing an alternate sort of organization that interfaces billions of individuals around the globe, gives them approaches to share what makes a difference most to them, and unites individuals. Regardless of whether Facebook…

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Humanitarian Investments

UNICEF Shortlists Six Blockchain Startups for Humanitarian Investments Venture

Post the introduction of the “blockchain call” in the market in the past; the United Nations International Children Education Fund (UNICEF) initiated their investments process into six different blockchain startups for humanitarian benefits. Among the UNICEF’s programme countries, one of them had been selected to be summoned in the early stage technology start-ups in January 2018, where they had received…

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Shinhan Bank

South Korea’s Shinhan Bank Introduces Blockchain-backed Services

Shinhan, one of the largest banks in South Korea has declared that it has devotedly commenced accepting blockchain technology in its products and services. It also confirmed that it has already offered blockchain education and consulting to its 400 employees. Shinhan is now, all set to start marketing blockchain-powered services. The bank confirmed that it began blockchain-fueled IRS (Interest Rate…

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Hyperledger Launches ‘Ursa,’ an Open Source Blockchain Toolbox Library for Crypto Developers

The Blockchain group Hyperledger has recently announced the launch of an open source blockchain toolbox library for crypto developers named “Ursa” which will assist in making life easier for the developers. Ursa means “bear” in Latin. Hyperledger proclaimed that Ursa will perform as a storehouse of all the development efforts undertaken by the developers towards any cryptographic implementations and will…

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