Cryptocurrency Exchange

Five More Crypto Exchanges Join Japan Virtual Currency Exchange Association (JVCEA)

As indicated by an official declaration on January 4 by the JVCEA, five more digital currency trades have joined the Japan Virtual Currency Exchange Association (JVCEA). The JVCEA is a self-administrative body framed in April by 16 enlisted crypto trades that plan to make industry-wide speculator security gauges. In October, Japan’s financial controller formally conceded self-administrative status to the JVCEA…

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Financial Market Giant IronX Launches Beta Version of Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

According to a recent report, a big giant from the financial sector IronX has started a new cryptocurrency exchange platform. It has been named as a beta version. A cryptocurrency exchange platform provides the ease of exchanging various things like cryptocurrencies, forex, equities, commodities, and other similar assets. Also, IronX has started its IRX token sale. All the people who…

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Atom Solution to launch new Remittances System to Tackle Crypto Volatility

With the growing use of crypto’s as a mode of remittance comes along its own advantages and disadvantages. One such major disadvantage is the price volatility involved with the crypto prices during transit Currently, the options available to the people to make overseas transfers are not perfect. On one hand where is the costs are high when a remittance is…

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