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Is the Bearish Trend of ETC Going to be Profitable?

Ethereum Classic (ETC) is although a continuation of the original Ethereum blockchain, it is way too superior to its ancestor. This runs exactly as it is programmed with no possibility of downtime, third party interference, and censorship. All smart contracts on Ethereum Classic platform get executed automatically when conditions are fulfilled and the parties involved in this, cannot change the…

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Luxembourg Now A Crypto Regulated Nation

Different countries have a mixed outlook toward the crypto industry, with many nations having a conservative stance and some making efforts to embrace the benefits of this nascent industry. It’s always intriguing to follow what different governments think about the crypto assets, and their potential to change the global economy. Last week, Luxembourg, which is one of the countries supportive…

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New York Assemblyman Publicizes Formation of ‘First’ US Cryptocurrency Task Force

An assemblyman of the New York State (NYS) administration publicized in a Facebook post on 3rd of Jan that it is going to have the state’s “first” cryptocurrency task force. In that particular post, Clyde Vanel who is an NYS Assemblyman and Chairperson of Subcommittee on Internet and Latest Technologies, notified that New York has turned out to be the…

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