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US Cryptocurrency Task Force

New York Assemblyman Publicizes Formation of ‘First’ US Cryptocurrency Task Force

An assemblyman of the New York State (NYS) administration publicized in a Facebook post on 3rd of Jan that it is going to have the state’s “first” cryptocurrency task force. In that particular post, Clyde Vanel who is an NYS Assemblyman and Chairperson of Subcommittee on Internet and Latest Technologies, notified that New York has turned out to be the…

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G20 summit in 2020

After announcing to host G20 summit in 2020, India is now showing interest in approving cryptocurrencies.

Yesterday one of the senior members of the second interdisciplinary committee expressed the possibility of the cryptocurrency to get legalized in India, as per the reports obtained by the NewIndianExpress. India’s current stance on the digital currency and the related assets is a clear and a strict, harsh ban, but with new changes such as India’s participation in the G20…

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Government of India

The Government of India To Legalize Cryptocurrencies Under Strict Regulations

The Indian government committee may reportedly legalize cryptocurrencies in the country. This will be done with the introduction of a tight regulation for digital assets. Initially, there was a complete ban on cryptocurrencies was suggested in December by the previous Indian government committee. According to the ban, “any kind of dealing in such currencies should be treated as ‘illegal.’” According…

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Japanese Banking Group Mizuho

Japanese Banking Group Mizuho To Introduce Its Own Cryptocurrency In March 2019

Founded in 2002, the Japanese giant Mizuho financial group is reportedly planning to launch its own digital currency In March 2019 since the banking group aims to promote cashless payment by onboarding about 60 regional banks. Mizuho’s crypto coins can be easily converted into yen through a mobile app & using QR codes to be scanned. The digital currency can…

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Nigerian Blockchain

Nigerian Blockchain Experts Believe Cryptos Can Boost African Economy

As crypto addiction engulfs the entire world, Africa remains to be exploited in this aspect. Blockchain specialists of Nigeria have demanded enhancement of laws regarding these assets that could eventually build up and improve Africa’s financial resources. Any discussion over framing crypto laws would not be taken easily by some segment of people. Still, some believe the action taken on…

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