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Report Says Routers Affected by Crypto Malware has Doubled

The security researcher VriesHd recently tweeted that the number of MikroTik routers that have been affected by the cryptojacking malware has increased in numbers by two-fold since summer 2018. The affected count of routers reaching 415,000. The researcher mentioned that the routers by the Latvian manufacturer of network equipment, Mikrotik were affected by around 16 various types of malware including…

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Robbers Critically Injure Crypto Trader in Attempt to Loot Him of his Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency related crimes are on the rise around the world. In a rather horrific incident, a crypto trader in South Africa found himself in a very unfortunate situation. A group of crypto criminals drugged, tortured and robbed the man of approximately $60,000 worth of Bitcoin as reported by the local news Soweto Urban. The trader had met some people on…

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Billionaire Investor Jim Breyer: Crypto Market will Rebound Despite Bitcoin ‘Nuclear Winter’

Jim Breyer, a noted billionaire investor and one who invests in various kinds of start-ups echoed his opinion that despite the ongoing bearish trend that cryptocurrencies are facing mainly due to the short-term market volatility, it still shows great potential. He also stated that this “nuclear winter” which has been there for a long period of time could not overshadow…

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