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Baidu Launches Beta Version of Xuperchain

Baidu Launches Beta Version of Xuperchain, First Chinese Blockchain Business Service

Chinese search engine Baidu has launched the public beta version of its blockchain called Xuperchain. The Xuperchain will allow businesses to create decentralized apps (DApps). Smart contracts can be written on the blockchain that will allow businesses to market their DApps and earn revenue. Businesses can tailor their DApps as per their requirements using tools provided by Xuperchain. Thus, individual…

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Bitcoin and Online Gambling Industry

Bitcoin and Online Gambling Industry Share a Symbiotic Bond: Roulette Joins BTC Bandwagon

Bitcoin is gaining more popularity than ever this year. The crypto has been used for different types of transactions, and casino gaming has become one of them. Roulette, one of the top casino game operators, has recently started accepting BTC as the payment option. This step has taken the popularity of bitcoin casinos to the next level, and soon multiple…

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Cannabis Industry to Get Blockchain Tracking; Will It Be Helpful?

If you think that the application of blockchain technology is restricted only to hi-tech industries, then you need to consider your opinion again. It’s true that the unique characteristics of the blockchain such as decentralization, immutability, and high security makes it ideal for banking and financial domain; however, the technology is now all set to witness its application in the…

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China to Onboard Company Registration Platform Based on Blockchain

The Chinese government in Huangpu, Guangzhou, is staging a blockchain-based platform for company registration. The officials foresee economic development in with move as companies would find it easier to get registered for better business opportunities and international exposure. This enables efficient onboarding of new firms at places where addresses are validated for credibility. Sharing data on a platform enabled with…

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BitPay, The Crypto Payments Giant Now Supports Ethereum

BitPay, The Crypto Payments Giant Now Supports Ethereum

Bitpay, the leader in digital currency payment services has recently incorporated support for ETH, the second-largest digital asset by market cap, Ether. According to a report that came on September 16th, firms that employ BitPay in transaction processing can now accept ETH to buy without needing any external source or enhancements. BitPay also has released a feature where users can…

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BTC Trader Suicide

Chinese Businessman Commits Suicide after losing Bitcoin of Worth $15.6 million via 100x leverage trading

Chinese based firm, BTE.TOP offers services to digital currency market; unfortunately, the CEO of the firm Hui Yi has committed suicide. The reason for him taking this step could be due to huge loss while trading Bitcoin through 100x leverage. While trading with Bitcoin, he nearly lost 2,000 BTC that were of his clients. The Chinese businessman was 42 years…

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Apple Crypto Support

Apple Made Several Announcements, Adds Crypto Support To Iphone Literally Skipped From Our Mind

The US technology giant firm, Apple held a press event on Monday; the event was full of new announcements about its latest developments. Lot was mentioned by the firm, and few just skipped out from our minds. Maximum announcements were related to the software side. Apple revealed some of the important update features of its forthcoming operating system. Apple’s New…

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cryptocurrency exchange

Mexico Could “Effusively” Ban Cryptocurrency Exchanges, New Regulations Proposed by Central Bank

Cryptocurrencies have been subject to stringent laws and prohibitions for a very long time. Several countries have even placed a ban on crypto trade. In April 2018, the Reserve Bank of India released a circular, directing all commercial banks in the country to stop serving businesses related to cryptocurrencies. Following the direction, banks stopped dealing with businesses like crypto exchanges,…

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