Apple Made Several Announcements, Adds Crypto Support To Iphone Literally Skipped From Our Mind

The US technology giant firm, Apple held a press event on Monday; the event was full of new announcements about its latest developments. Lot was mentioned by the firm, and few just skipped out from our minds. Maximum announcements were related to the software side. Apple revealed some of the important update features of its forthcoming operating system.

Apple’s New Crypto Framework:

We probably failed to pay much attention to Apple’s CryptoKit framework. The iPhone manufacturer privately managed to launch its cryptocurrency based tool kit for its iPhone developers. The CryptoKit framework will now allow Apple developers to perform cryptographic activities in a transparent way right from their applications. Now, with this Apple’s crypto initiative, it will be too early to predict whether the giant iPhone makers are planning to work on its first of kind crypto project or developing its own Apple coin that might operate within its devices and services, similar to Facebook for instance.

However, apart from this one thing remains for sure that iPhone might soon work as a crypto wallet for the emerging cryptocurrencies including bitcoin.

The CryptoKit will support most common cryptographic operations, such as compare and compute cryptographic-based secure digests. Apple developers can use public-key cryptography to create and verify digital signatures and also execute the key exchange. Apart from this, the developers can make use of private keys stored in and managed by the Secure Enclave to operate with keys stored in memory.

You can also use and generate symmetric keys to perform operations such as message verification and encryption.

Apple developers using crypto exchanges may use the new crypto tool kit to convert iPhones and Mac devices into digital currency, and this should not be a surprise.

Other Announcements:

Another announcement of Apple at the press event was about the release of new Mac Pro generation and also unveiled new applications developer tools; one such was support for converting iPad apps into Mac apps.

Find My App of Apple, used to track lost and missing iPhone and Macs devices across any corner of the world, no matter even if they are offline and without any information reaching Apple’s servers. This app now includes cryptography.

Meaning, this amazingly complex mode of monitoring a missing device can prove to be an advantage while converting the iPhone into a crypto-based wallet that supports bitcoin, by including a security layer to the device that has no opponents.

Now because the iPhone maker is developing cryptography tool for developers does not indicate that the company is willing to create its own crypto coin similar to bitcoin or other altcoins.

Earlier in February, the leading mobile manufacturing company Samsung launched Galaxy S10, which was integrated with a built-in tool crypto wallet, allowed users to store their private keys on it, the news was leaked even before Samsung launched it, and Samsung delivered it by supporting decentralized apps.

Samsung is not the only mobile maker company that is experimenting with cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Over the past, leading companies such as HTC Exodus and Sirin Labs Finney have privately worked on these emerging technologies and launched products related to them. It signals most of the companies are now approaching positively towards cryptocurrency and blockchain technology and will probably adopt them in the future.

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