Cypherpunks founder – Tim May Dies of Natural Causes, Report

The crypto world mourned the death of Timothy C. May, the co founder of Cypherpunks who reportedly died of natural causes. The news of his death was posted by a Facebook tribute post put up by cypherpunk Lucky Green on Dec. 15.

In his social media post, Green informed: “Word has reached me that my dear friend, co-conspirator in many things and for many years, fellow Freedom Fighter Tim May passed away earlier this week at his home in Corralitos, California.”

Green, in his Facebook post while informing the sad news also posted that while a post-mortem has not been performed yet, “death appears to be from natural causes.” Praising May, Green further added in the post that May “co-founded the Cypherpunks, perhaps the single most effective pro-cryptography grassroots organization in history, together with Eric Hughes and John Gilmore in 1992.”

May, who is known for writing the book “The Crypto Anarchist Manifesto,” which was published in 1992, had apparently foreseen some of the elements of currently existing decentralized cryptocurrencies. He had written that “The State will of course try to slow or halt the spread of this [cryptography-based] technology, citing national security concerns, use of the technology by drug dealers and tax evaders, and fears of societal disintegration.”

May had clearly admitted in the article that “many of these concerns will be valid,” since “crypto anarchy will allow national secrets to be trade freely and will allow illicit and stolen materials to be traded.”

The news research firm Cointelegraph had last year in a report mentioned that, “cypherpunk movement deserves as much credit as Satoshi [Nakamoto] for laying down the foundational development of cryptography.”

Cypherpunk has been involved with Bitcoin right from its initial days, with the fabulous creator of Bitcoin (BTC) being reportedly in touch with the cypherpunk community even before the release of the Bitcoin whitepaper in 2008 and who had also communicated his idea about Bitcoin to them in an email thread.

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