EOS Surpasses Bitcoin and Ethereum and Ontology Makes Entry

In what comes as the latest surprise in the cryptocurrency market, EOS has attained the topmost position in the blockchain index list. China’s Centre announced this for Information and Industry Development (CCID). EOS is top with a score of total 156.1 points with Ethereum ranked second at 136.4 points.

According to a press release Ontology, a new generation of high-performance public blockchain and distributed trust collaboration platform independently developed by the ontology technology team was a new addition. It supports a complete distributed ledger network and intelligent contract system. Ontology only premiered into the market in March 2018 and made its mark with a $1 billion market cap. As per Cryptoslate, Ontology is a matrix of blockchains; an ecosystem where a number of private or public blockchains can be connected no matter how large or small the use case in question.

The rankings are purely done in technical terms and not on how well the cryptocurrency is doing; its based on three categories – basic technology use, applicability and creativity, and innovation. According to World Coin News CCID said: “In terms of innovation sub-indicators, Bitcoin’s recent code update is very active, with a score of 40.3 expanding its lead, compared with the previous index, the top five most innovative coins are EOS, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Hcash and Stratis.” As per the report, basic technology mainly assesses a technical level of the already existing public chain. The assessment also includes performance, decentralization, functions, and safety.

Looking in terms of assessment, Ontology performed over the top in basic technology and application, thus getting a score of 112.6. The press release highlights Ontology’s noted features, public blockchains with support for general application development and high performance ranked better, and graphene architecture provides better performance. And new generation public chain have outstanding achievements.

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