Wuabit – The Crypto Wallet for Whatsapp

A Spanish pioneer is trying to position itself at the foreside of cryptocurrency by enabling the advanced and new users to use message services to access blockchain technology. Manuel Polo, the founder of Wuabit, announced the launch of the Medium beta program. Wuabit is a new way to communicate with digital assets.

Wuabit is a wallet that can be accessed via a WhatsApp chat interface. Deutsche Entwickler describes this as a specialist AI software agent. Users will simply type commands such as ‘Sending 0.05BTC to Vera’ and send cash to Wuabit. Wuabit hopes to further propel crypto payments into the general public by using a service so popular as WhatsApp. The main idea is to enable a service to ask about our balance, make transactions or ask information on some crypto coin through a chatbot in our favorite messaging application, all via a simple, instinctual texts interface that is constantly evolving thanks to artificial intelligence technology.

When the question of why WhatsApp arose, the answer provided was that WhatsApp is the world’s most omnipresent instant message platform, along with FB Messenger, WeChat and rest.

Next month the public beta will start. The overall use of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin is increasing, but many experts say that the public’s lack of understanding impedes adoption.

Once when the full integration is done, the user can send and receive cryptocurrencies via the WhatsApp platform without having to leave the platform. The user can also check balances or access the chat tutorial.

Developers in Wuabit appear to be driven by reasons like the browsing extension of Twitter Lightning Network, Tippin. The effort was impressive enough to tweet Jack Dorsey, CEO of the popular social network platform, Twitter.

The user must save his mobile number for transactions with a friend in the manner that the contact must be saved before a message can be sent to a WhatsApp contact.

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin is being used for the mainstream purpose more and more, although many experts say that the lack of public understanding is hindering adoption. So in such cases, the news like Samsung’s upcoming smartphone will include an integrated cryptocurrency wallet, as well as rumours from social media giant Facebook that it will create its own coin will contribute to mass adoption.

When it comes to the security of Wuabit, it is said that WhatsApp chats using Wuabit bot will be encrypted from one end to another to ensure privacy, according to the Polo announcement. The servers are not publicly available and do not store private keys. Roughly 100% of the funds will also be stored in cold storage facilities offline. The bot sends SMS checking for certain confidential transactions, as a further measure of security.

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