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Foreboding of Bitcoin

Foreboding of Bitcoin: It’s Not What You Have Already Assumed

Cryptocurrency is a term that is commonly heard everyday though not many know about its evolution, and even few understand its applications. One of the important cryptocurrencies is Bitcoin, which was first developed by a software expert with the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto, who built the electronic payments system and grounded it in a mathematical proof. The most distinguishable feature of…

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Cryptohopper: Writing Its Own Success Story in the Field of Automated Trading

The evolving nature of the cryptocurrency world and blockchain technology is disrupting the global economic scenario in a big way. It is not only the different industries across the markets where the changes are happening, but the cryptocurrency segment itself is going through a lot of turbulence. Take, for instance, the scenario of cryptocurrency exchanges where automated trading practices are…

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Blockchain-Based Mobile Voting for Disabled Voters

Utah County to Offer Blockchain-Based Mobile Voting for Disabled Voters

There is good news for the disabled voters in Utah County. Utah County plans to allow the disabled voters to use a blockchain-based mobile application to cast their votes in the November municipal elections. Utah County ranks third in the list, in partnering with Tusk Philanthropies, a non-profit organization that focusses on expanding the mobile voting nationality. The county chose…

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CIMB Bank Singapore and iTrust Roll Out Blockchain Trade Finance

CIMB Bank Singapore and iTrust Roll Out Blockchain Trade Finance Transactions using IoT Platform

Banks are increasingly implementing blockchain technologies in trade financing and this move is likely to increase the global trade volumes by $1.1 trillion by 2026, as per the trade experts. The partnership of CIMB bank Singapore and iTrust for completing their first structured blockchain trade financing transactions on IoT (Internet-of-things) platform is a leap towards that accomplishments (increasing the global…

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EY Unveils Public Finance

EY Unveils Public Finance Management Blockchain Solution to Enhance Efficacy and Transparency in Governments

EY announced the launch of EY OpsChain Public Finance Manager (PFM). It is a blockchain-backed solution that has been designed to aid the government of countries to enhance their practices for the financial management of public funds. EY OpsChain PFM facilitates the government bodies to maintain transparency, offers results for citizens that can be accounted for and also keeps track…

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Effective Marketing Strategies

How Effective Marketing Strategies can Promote Blockchain Organizations

Few of the well-developed economies have not controlled the general development of the global blockchain sector. It has even achieved double growth. All blockchain and cryptocurrency-related services or products like blockchain-based apps, payment systems, crypto wallets, dApps, crypto exchanges along with Daily Forex Signal systems, etc. would require a well-laid-out marketing strategy to achieve success. While most of these strategies utilize the…

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eToro’s Chief Affirms Lira 2.0’s Modern Features as Useful in Blockchain Development

eToro has declared Lira, the open-source programming language formulated under eToroX Labs, as an evolved language that helps write options contracts over the ETH Blockchain for derivatives market of OTC. Commenting on the launch of Lira version 2.0, Nicolas Arqueros, CTO of Emurgo, said: “I believe that Lira is an innovative and important breakthrough in the world of DeFi, with…

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U.S. Warns Visa, Mastercard to 'Proceed With Caution' Regarding Libra

As Paypal Exits from Libra Project, US Lawmakers Issue Warning to Visa, Mastercard

In a fresh blow to popular social media giant Facebook, two United States lawmakers have urged leading payment processing companies Visa, Mastercard, and Stripe Inc to reconsider their membership with Libra. The Libra cryptocurrency project was created by Facebook Inc. in alliance with other groups. Ohio-based Senator Sherrod Brown and Hawaii-based Senator Brian Schatz reportedly said in a letter that…

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Wealthy UK

Wealthy UK Millennials are Playing Safe with Investments in Cryptocurrency as Per Survey

Only 20% of the affluent millennials from the UK are investing in cryptocurrency – a survey revealed this mindset of 500 wealthy UK millennials (age group 22- 36 years as per PEW). Affluent Millennials are referred with an investible assets worth of £ 25000 or more. Investments are seven times higher than the UK’s national average   The survey has been…

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Cryptocurrency Scam

Australian Woman Granted Bail in a Multi-Million Cryptocurrency Scam at Melbourne Court

Jasmine Vella Arpaci, an Australian woman, has been presented in Melbourne court on September 17, under several severe cyber-related crimes. The accused is just 21 years old and a mother of an infant. Jasmine has been accused of 53 various crypto offenses and money robbery cases. Charges on Jasmine More specifically, she has been charged for unauthorized access to victim’s…

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