Decentology Includes Avalanche on its DappStarter Ecosystem

Leading open-source portal aiding the launching process for DApp developers and blockchain deployers in the industry, Avalanche has joined hands with Decentology to go live on the latter’s powerful DappStarter portal.

The deal will play a crucial role in easing the burden on the DApp developer community as they will be able to design potent solutions in less than 15 minutes over the channel. The DappStarter pack will provide many functions to the users, such as NFTs, fungible tokens, IPFS integration, etc., for easy curation of products. The recent growth of decentralized applications has made firms shift their focus from traditional financing to DeFi and DApp development. With DappStarter, users can switch to the development process quickly without bothering about the complexities. The creation of smart contracts, unit tests, front-end UPIs on the platform is super convenient even for newcomers.

Avalanche is a powerful blockchain firm and holds the title of being the fastest smart contracts portal assessed by time-to-finality. It has the biggest validators community in comparison to other Proof-of-Stake solutions available in the sector. This collaboration will help Avalanche to expand its capabilities in the DeFi space by offering high-tech services to the developers. To aid developers in building solutions on Avalanche, the firm has decided to organize a workshop on July 26 at 6 PM EST. The event will describe the complete process of building an Avalanche app using the DappStarter app.

How to Start?

  • Hop on to the official DappStarter Decentology website and choose Avalanche from the Blockchain option.
  • Using the Smart Contract Features tool, choose your favorite features to be included in the app.
  • Give a name to your app using the DApp Name tool and click Login. Choose the ‘Create Dapp’ option.
  • Move to the GitHub repository link and clone your project. Transform to the Dapp project folder in a Terminal or Command space. Type Yarn to install dependencies.
  • Start the DappStarter by typing Yarn Start once dependencies are installed.

Decentology allows customers to build customized applications on various blockchain networks, including Polygon, Ethereum, Solana, and Avalanche. The DappStarter pack is designed to facilitate the quick and economic creation of DApps. The entire process is simple and user-friendly for the developers and creators.

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