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Investors may be able to Buy Gold Backed Cryptocurrencies Sooner Than Expected

New York-based firm Paxos has revealed plans to launch cryptocurrencies backed by precious metals like gold and publicly traded stocks, by the end of 2019. The company currently offers a dollar-based cryptocurrency or stablecoin called Paxos Standard, and Bitcoin trading services. The Paxos Standard was launched in late 2018, by tying cash reserves to its distributed ledger. Paxos CEO, Chad…

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BTC Trading Volumes Reached All-Time High in Venezuela during Ongoing Economic Collapse

Bitcoin (BTC) trading volumes in Venezuela have achieved another unsurpassed high in the midst of massive hyperinflation and a progressing presidential emergency, tech news outlet Trust Nodes reports on February 6. BTC’s trading volumes on weekly chart came to over 2,000 BTC (about $6.8 million) on distributed (P2P) trade Local Bitcoins amid the week ending February 2, 2019. The recorded…

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Deloitte reveals 95% companies are investing in Blockchain Technology

A recent survey conducted by Deloitte, a multinational research agency firm, revealed that over 95% of the surveyed organizations are interested in blockchain and investing to adopt this distributed ledger technology. The survey report titled, “Breaking Blockchain Open,” administered the survey on over 1000 executives from the various industries and firms who have shown their interest in blockchain technology. The…

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Tech Giants Collaborate to Launch a Blockchain to Ensure Ethical Sourcing of Cobalt

Since the drive towards electric cars had surged and countries world around pledging to concentrate on going full electric to reduce carbon footprints, a particular demand has increased for a rare element which happens to be very rare. The need for a mineral used in the lithium-ion battery, Cobalt, has increased many folds over the recent years, reports suggest. And…

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Crypto Giant Coinbase Gained Pace in Q4 2018, Although Bitcoin (BTC) Fell by 40%

Even though Coinbase has lately turned out to be a contentious corporation, particularly since it started to include crypto assets in every aspect, the corporation from quite some time had an unremitting drive for modernization. After constructing a store in 2012, the San Francisco-based establishment, run by an ex-Airbnb worker having the visualization of splendor, has rapidly put up the…

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