Financial Market Giant IronX Launches Beta Version of Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

According to a recent report, a big giant from the financial sector IronX has started a new cryptocurrency exchange platform. It has been named as a beta version. A cryptocurrency exchange platform provides the ease of exchanging various things like cryptocurrencies, forex, equities, commodities, and other similar assets. Also, IronX has started its IRX token sale. All the people who pre-register and get KYC acceptance will automatically receive 10 IRX.

Reproaching on the token sale, CEO of IronX Dimitri Hatzis says that this is a milestone sale for the whole of the crypto trading sector. He further adds that since IronX has received a complete regulatory license from the Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit, it stands distant from other competitors. Hatzis hopes for a big contribution from the side of contributors. He asks contributors to show their contribution in IRX token sale from 15th January 2019.

IronX has declared a special holiday bonus in the name of celebration of beta version launch. Also, they are going to add a 1% bonus to all the latest deposits which are under $49,999.

Till now, IronX’s bonus structure always involved deposits of around $50k. So, this kind of jubilant encouragement is a daring proposal from the side of CEO Dimitris Hatzis.

IRX is not going to take part in crypto exchange till Jan 15th 2019. However, a public sale will be functional. Furthermore, it will not be available to reimburse the fees during this time interval. Moving with the proper strategy, IronX has already started the distribution of private sale IRX tokens to their early contributors. Other than launching beta version, IronX has also completed successful auditing of IRX smart contracts from Hosho and Hacken. This cryptocurrency exchange is managed after getting a complete regulatory license from the Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) in September 2018.

IronX functions as a worldwide alliance with a big Hong Kong-based blockchain accelerator, EmurgoHK and IronFX, a multiple worldwide asset brokers. It offers best of both kind of trading roles whether it is about conventional foreign exchange (IronFX) or cryptocurrency trading (EmurgoHK). Moreover, it has an entire range of crypto as well as fiat wallet funding options.

EmurgoHK will help in IronX’s exchange formation. Also, it will offer liquidity by listing their ADA coin. EmurgoHK is a privately held company that helps in the development and maintenance of various commercial ventures through Cardano’s decentralized blockchain ecosystem.

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