Grin Cryptocurrency Receives a Strange Donation of $3 Lakh Bitcoin

Grin Coin is a cryptocurrency project which is focused mainly on the fungibility, privacy and scalability by developing a Mimblewimble protocol blockchain which is launched in January. It is privacy aimed digital asset. It receives 3 lakh dollar Bitcoin as a strange donation.

Grin cryptocurrency developers have received a strange new donation of 50 Bitcoins which is known as BTC. Grin has surprised the entire team for this cryptocurrency. This strange donation is worth almost 3 lakh dollars at present.

The new donation was almost shared during the meeting which held recently of the developers of Grin. The whole team of Grin decided to make a ‘fair launch’ of the privacy asset of digital. It means the leaders didn’t raise funds through cryptocurrency named Initial Coin Offering or even a sell of their Grin tokens privately. It is to empower technology in the company.

Grin developers are working through their voluntary donations. They have been working to develop the MimbleWimble protocol blockchain technology which is related to privacy. So, by getting the donation of 50 Bitcoin is a positive response for the project. It is making the developers keep on improving and developing.

Funds are expected to be spent on the project, developing the infrastructure and market, designing of website and hardcore mining, building key infrastructure and many more which can be developed in the company.

One of the developers of Grin, Daniel Lehnberg said that they will make sure that the funds will be used for a good cause.

Grin users can also donate Ethereum (ETH), ZCash (ZEC) and Bitcoin in order to help the developers to work on a different project which can develop digital asset privacy. Almost five different public addresses for the donations accepting Grin. It is difficult to get these types of large donations. This shows that the developers were able to gather a large number of funds for keeping operations in the market.

With the strange donation, the digital asset project is presently holding almost six times the amount of funds which it had at the beginning of the present running year.

The digital cryptocurrency is being traded around 2 dollars after falling from 3 per cent in the last 24 hours. When the digital currency was released it was traded close to 14 dollars at the end of January. The digital currency has a capitalization of the market of 19.41 US dollars. Now it is the 192 largest digital assets in the market.

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