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Sandbox Collaborates With Crypto Sword & Magic to Offer Exclusive Gaming Experience

Sandbox, the leading computer security mechanism program used to mitigate the spread of software vulnerabilities, has announced its partnership with Crypto Sword & Magic, which is the first South Korean crypto-based game on the EOS platform and the brainchild of NOD games. The partnership is aimed at revolutionizing the blockchain industry, by improvising engaging content in the game that will empower the players with true ownership.

This 2D game launched in June 2019, is a new version of the popular game called ‘Sword & Magic’ that was available on Facebook from 2012 till 2015. It gained wide popularity with over 700,000 gamers all across the world enjoying the game. Perceiving the popularity of the game, the game developers decided to come up with a new version of the game on the EOS platform using the blockchain technology that gave birth to the Crypto Sword & Magic Game in June 2019. The new version is inundated with a chic item economy along with a transparent market economy. Also, the various battle modes in the new version include both PvP and PvE. It is a traditional RPG game that morphs the players as heroes and engages them in battles by challenging new dungeons. All the data associated with the heroes, pets, and equipment in the game are recorded on the blockchain for the sake of true ownership and the logic of the game works on the concept of Smart Contracts. The smart contract provides the users with a transparent logic that includes scarcity of items and the highest probabilities. Even when the players are not playing the game, they can always play with others in a mercenary role. Though the rewards are given out based on the hero’s contribution in the battle.

The mother company of Crypto Sword & Magic, NOD games, now plans to bring out the Klaytn version of the game by the end of 2020 to reap the popularity, that the present free-to-play version of the game is getting. In fact, now, the game is played by over 10,000 unique blockchain wallets from over 30 zones all across the world, distributing more than 6,500 EOS as rewards, which is approximately USD 30,000. Crypto Sword & Magic game also tips the scale in the list of global top 10 blockchain-powered games by various influential industry media that includes and DappRadar.

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