Usage of Cryptocurrency for Regular Use by 38% Freelancers

As per the latest survey report revealed by, it has been observed by CCN’s Joseph Young that 38% (385) of the 1100 people opt to use cryptocurrencies on a regular basis or periodically who are living and working in the US. However, 41% speaks of that proportion who either didn’t use it or they have not heard it before.

As digital freelancers are quite risky and hence, all tradesman have the habit of following a traditional pattern of cash payments for various reasons such as they don’t have to maintain a solid functioning relationship with your clients always, and instead several sites like or Upwork, are getting paid can create a problem. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies were introduced as a path to obtain the hope out of the equation. The compensation being done, and if it is cleared, the acceptance party has the funds till they control the confidential key attached with the receiving address.

As described in the last report, 29% of the surveyed people like to collect entire or fraction of their pay in cryptocurrency. But, businesses like have another option where one can obtain a part of their salary from any employer in the Bitcoin form and the remaining can be deposited into their respective personal bank account. If the demand continuously rises, there is a high probability that majority freelance platforms will initiate to incorporate such functionality on their own.

There may be another circumstance where freelancers are not confident about the implementation of the crypto purchase and if suppose prices are following higher trend then they will receive less crypto, exposing them into risky situation. However, this situation can be dealt with through the process of beta testing. is a recent competitor in the freelancing field and hence, boosting its entire business may change the pattern of the model of freelance sites. Sites such as Fiverr, charge the worker an extreme 20%, but sites like UpWork charge for just about the whole thing that happens on their site.

Hence, we may conclude from the first survey that will try to implement a different path when their platform hits 1 million users which means that presently there are not sufficient freelancer-friendly options in their blockchain. Also, Coinbase and Bitpay is not the latest PayPal, and undoubtedly crypto wallet is not our type of standard. The recent Waves mobile wallet adopts a lengthy means to this last part, but now the responsibility lies on Waves to launch a combination with platforms.

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