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eToro’s Chief Affirms Lira 2.0’s Modern Features as Useful in Blockchain Development

eToro has declared Lira, the open-source programming language formulated under eToroX Labs, as an evolved language that helps write options contracts over the ETH Blockchain for derivatives market of OTC.

Commenting on the launch of Lira version 2.0, Nicolas Arqueros, CTO of Emurgo, said:

Nicolas Arqueros said

The news came out during a workshop in Osaka, at Devcon 5, on Tuesday, October 8. eToro’s chief Dr. Omri Ross is a blockchain specializing scientist, illustrated Lira 2.0’s unique features that include scripting options contracts. The programming language Lira, also previously indicated to be amongst the “most imaginative things happening in DeFi today” is one among the two open-source scripts in the market, and is even more absorbed due to being officially verified.

eToro CEO Yoni Assia commented:

Yoni Assia commented

Dr. Ross said:

Dr. Ross said

Yoav Weiss, CTO of Tabookey, added:

Yoav Weiss added

The current native scripting languages in Blockchain are prone to extensive design provisions. This renders them susceptible to errors and thus ineffective for composing financial OTC contracts. The advantage given by the aboriginal languages has also been seen as a conceivable security threat, giving a chance to the attackers.

Lira is believed to be stable, effortlessly programmable and lets contracts between resources on the ETH Blockchain to resolve quickly and promptly, enabling automated programmable businesses and assessments, and minimizing transaction expenses and the necessity of mediators.

eToro holds a record of aiding the growth of the blockchain world with projects like Coloured Coins as well as GoodDollar. Lira can be thought of as another tribute to the community of blockchain supporting this project.

Greg Dipriso, Head of Business Development at MakerDAO, also said that Lira is a huge stride towards unlocking the Defi expanse for modern products with advanced delivering capabilities for the OTC market.

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