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Startups to Look Forward to Stopping Illegal Activities

It has been found that cryptocurrencies and blockchain are still a mystery for a normal customer. Hi-tech platforms with difficult to understand interfaces is a big hurdle to the entry of several customers. And slow transaction speed of these platforms disappoints and frustrates old as well as new customers who are using the technology for the first time.

According to the latest emerging blockchain network, if the cryptocurrency sector wants to attain its complete potential with large adoption rate, then a positive change is required in such hi-tech exchange platforms. The World Open Network is addressing this issue and looking forward to providing easy to understand and simple to use exchange platforms for customers across the world.

These exchange platforms have intuitional front ends which are quite easy to understand. There is no requirement of additional technical knowledge to use these platforms. A normal customer can operate these platforms without facing issues related to transaction speed and lack of technical knowledge.

World of Network declares that this is not the only hurdle in front of Crypto Industry. Decentralization is the process that has permitted illegal activities to take place. Customers are quite upset with stealing of massive crypto amounts which are happening around the world.

World of Network is looking forward to creating a global community that works for incitement of diversity, innovation, and sustainable growth. Moreover, the sole motto of WON is to take the industry away from the direction where greed dominates.

WON balances accountability and privacy by encrypting the personal data of users. And this data can only be disclosed under specific circumstances that are described in its privacy policy. About activities on the blockchain, WON is different. WON can identify the account owner in special cases. This latest platform ensures usage of personal data only for the purposes that are described in its privacy policy.

WON announces that its open blockchain has the great capability of supporting millions of transactions per second and millions of DApps. It can be a good hope for people who are frustrated with congested networks where there are numerous delays before transactions get completed.

WON also declares that its product is ready to use with digital assets. Users can easily use, keep and buy these assets instantly. Soon, it hopes to attract numerous long-term users. These users would have a large impact on the growth of this platform.

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