Top 5 Cryptos to Watch This Fall

ICO mania may have come and go, but there are still plenty of cryptos worth keeping an eye on and maybe even investing in. From the largely under-wraps Telegram project TON to the much-hyped Digitex Futures with its commission-free trading, watch out for these top five cryptos this fall.

  • Gram

The crypto-token Gram is set to grab the attention of investors as its launch is less than a month away. As the coin is backed by Telegram Open Network (TON), it is anticipated to offer a strong base with an engaging combination of a messaging platform and cryptocurrency. The CEO of TON Labs, Alexander Filatov along with its CTO Mitja Goroshevsky has recently claimed the Gram token to be more decentralized than Bitcoin. Both the officials have also noted that the upcoming crypto coin is better than Libra, Bitcoin, or pretty much any other cryptocurrency you can think of.

  • DGTX

They say that the third time’s a charm. Well, that’s certainly what the Digitex Futures team is hoping for. Almost the polar opposite of the secretive Telegram, after a successful sell-out ICO in 2018, the company has made a lot of noise and commanded a lot of attention. It has failed to deliver twice already. After losing some 75% of value in an hour upon the second delay postponement announcement, DGTX is clawing back its value and its credibility.

Partnering up with Russian Ethereum developers SmartDec, Digitex Futures is due to launch its public testnet on November 30. It may be just a testnet, but an anxious community (and over 1.5 million people on its waitlist) have been waiting a long time to see a product. This would just lead the price to attain new heights if the launch is successful.

  • CLO

Self-dubbed as the “most profitable way to invest in crypto,” Callisto’s CLO offers an interesting opportunity rather than just HODLing your coins. Through what they term cold staking, users who hold CLO in a compatible wallet for a certain period of time to earn interest on their stash. 

As their website points out, cold staking is not like proof-of-stake or any other consensus mechanism. Cold stakers have no rights to confirm transactions or generate blocks. However, they earn interest on the more coins they hold, the longer they hold them, like earning on long-term savings account in a bank.

You can get CLO on HitBTC, Stex, and Bitfinex, although there are a few indicators that some larger exchanges may be on the horizon. Cold staking could also take a greater protagonism moving forward as crypto holders start to get savvier with their finances.

  • ENJ

ENJ (Enjin Coin) is becoming popular with gamers and has had a very busy year so far. It is essentially a digital token platform where game developers can create applications. But there are a few key differences with ENJ that give developers more flexibility.

Enjin developed its own ERC-1155 token standard in order to distinguish fungible and non-fungible tokens in games. Developers can create their own in-game items that are backed with a certain amount of ENJ coins. 

These items are live on the blockchain and have real value. They can be melted down into ENJ tokens and sold for crypto or fiat currency. Enjin also introduced the so-called “Multiverse games” where items in one game can be used in another game as well.

Enjin has also developed its own cryptocurrency wallet with the support of ERC-1155 standard, its own explorer of ETH blockchain (and ERC-1155 tokens in particular), and a market place for exchanging items! With tens of games currently being developed, Enjin is one of the most successful cryptocurrency projects that are worth watching. 

  • OMG

OMG crypto pertains to the OmiseGO blockchain and is based on open-source code. This crypto is designed to help people carry out financial transactions more easily. It’s particularly appealing to the unbanked and people who have no access to traditional financial institutions and services.

OMG is exhibiting a lot of success since it benefits from a powerful underlying infrastructure in the form of its Asian parent company Omise (the leading payment provider in the region).

As China invests more in blockchain and looks to get more lenient when it comes to cryptocurrencies, OMG might just take off in the near future.

The Takeaway

The crypto landscape is constantly evolving and investing in crypto assets is still at high risk. Remember that if any of these top cryptos catch your eye, never invest more than you can afford to lose and always do your own research.

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