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Coinbase Gained Pace in Q4 2018

Crypto Giant Coinbase Gained Pace in Q4 2018, Although Bitcoin (BTC) Fell by 40%

Even though Coinbase has lately turned out to be a contentious corporation, particularly since it started to include crypto assets in every aspect, the corporation from quite some time had an unremitting drive for modernization. After constructing a store in 2012, the San Francisco-based establishment, run by an ex-Airbnb worker having the visualization of splendor, has rapidly put up the…

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Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash [BCH], Bitcoin SV [BSV] and EOS come out to be as the sore losers of the injured marketplace

Seeing that the crypto Christmas arrived before time offering the marketplace with incredible expansion, it is, yet, steadily vanishing away. On December of 25th, the crypto marketplace comes out to be injured in the midst of some coins falling into dual figures. Bitcoin Cash [BCH] recorded a drop by 17.90%, at the same time as EOS along with Bitcoin SV…

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Is Bitcoin Counted as Worthless

Is Bitcoin Counted as Worthless ?

A few environmentalists are of the opinion that Bitcoin is “becoming worthless” and in the near future the value will be equivalent to zero and will be considered at NIL value. As per Ilana Strauss, who expresses her views on Bitcoin, “Bitcoin is a colossal waste of energy [and] will soon be no more. Good riddance…We’ve known Bitcoin was dropping…

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Fraudulent Bitcoin Investment Schemes Increasing in Singapore, Investors Loose Around $78000

In an unfortunate development, scammers duped the unsuspecting cryptocurrency investors of a fortune in a matter of three months in Singapore. These Scams involved online articles that used false information to promote bitcoin investments from the period between September and November. They were explicitly designed to target Singaporean residents. These online crooks had looted an estimated $78000 via such dishonest…

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